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Fire bow

13 Survival Skills All 18 Year Olds Should Have: A Checklist for Parents

It is no secret that kids today are becoming increasingly less self-reliant, more timid, and incredibly coddled.  The situation is so bad that trying to teach your kids self-reliance could put parents under investigation by Child Services – as is what happened to two parents who let their 6 and 10 year old kids go […]

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Lost Survival Secrets of the Inca which Made Them the Greatest Empire in the World

When I first arrived in Peru, I was shocked by the huge, gray barren cliffs cutting the capital city of Lima into chunks.  Flying to the north a few days later, I was equally shocked by the dense jungle with its loud rivers and insects screaming into the dusk, and the snakes which boldly jump […]

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5 Ridiculously Simple Animal Traps and Snares for Outdoor Survival

When it comes to outdoor survival, eating is one of your last concerns.  Humans can go up to 3 weeks without food, but only 3 days without water and just a few hours without shelter in extreme weather conditions!

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sharpen knife in the bush

Dull Survival Knife? Sharpen It with this Little-Known Method

When it comes to survival tactics and gear, there is little that survivalists can agree on. But there is one thing that all survivalists all say for certain: You need a survival knife in with your supplies.

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viking fire starter

Vikings Used a Gross Survival Firestarter. Here’s How to Make It

Did you ever wonder how people started fires before matches?  Some would use friction-based fire starting methods.  But if you’ve ever tried making a fire with a bow drill or flint, you know that it isn’t easy.  More importantly, you need a good tinder that will easily catch fire.  The Vikings found a unique – […]

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