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prepper in bath

13 Things You’ll Only Understand if You Are a Prepper

Preppers have grown from an isolated few to a huge movement of people who care about self-reliance, self-responsibility, and taking action to ensure the safety of themselves and their families.

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Lost Survival Secrets of the Inca which Made Them the Greatest Empire in the World

When I first arrived in Peru, I was shocked by the huge, gray barren cliffs cutting the capital city of Lima into chunks.  Flying to the north a few days later, I was equally shocked by the dense jungle with its loud rivers and insects screaming into the dusk, and the snakes which boldly jump […]

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disaster preparedness for pets

Disaster Preparedness for Pets: How to Keep Your Entire Family Alive when SHTF

Humans aren’t the only ones who suffer during disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes (not to mention the numerous other types of disasters which could strike).  Our pets also suffer too – often to a worse extent because they don’t have access to aid supplies like we do.

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signs the world is going to hell

10 Signs that the World Is Going to Hell and You Should Prepare

All you need to do is turn on the nightly news and you’ll be terrified about what you see. Yes, it truly seems like the world is going to hell in a handbasket.  It might not be doomsday for the entire planet, but it does seem like at least World War III is brewing.

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10 Plastic Bottle Survival Hacks

10 Plastic Bottle Survival Hacks that Could Save Your Life

I’m a staunch believer that the most valuable survival skill – for both disasters and everyday life – is creativity.  Yes, creativity!

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