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As a beginner prepper, it can feel a bit lonely. You know that the world is spiraling into chaos, and that any moment a disaster like a nuclear attack and subsequent electromagnetic pulse could occur. Instead of listening to your pleas and warnings, the general society goes on living exactly the same: completely unprepared. Yeah, life as a prepper can be very lonely and stressful!

The good thing about the internet is that it reminds us that we aren’t alone. The word has gotten out about the importance of survival and prep, and many people are getting on board. You will now find thousands of great prepper websites where you can get tips, advice, and connect with real people who are thinking about the same things as you.

Here we will share some of the best advice on the web from 10 prepper websites.   Remember, not all prepper websites are made equally! Don’t ever blindly follow advice on a prepper website without first looking into it and questioning the logic behind the recommendations!

1. Start Saving All Your Plastic Bottles for Water

At the prepper website, they recommend saving all of the plastic bottles you have for water storage. This includes the many plastic bottles you might overlook, like milk bottles and soda bottles.

Why is this such good advice? Because in a disaster situation, the most important thing is to have clean water. You can go weeks without food but only about 3 days without water! By saving and filling up all of the plastic bottles you would normal toss, you can quickly build up a reserve of 2-3 months worth of water.

Just note that plastic bottles from soda and milk are biodegradable.  Eventually, they will start leaching chemicals into your water.  This won't kill you, but won't taste great either!  The BIG DRAWBACK is that the milk bottles might start to LEAK.  It is still a great idea to use old plastic containers for storing emergency water — just rotate them every 6 to 12 months.  Read this post about How To Store Water for Emergencies for more info.

2. Develop a Communication Plan

At the prepper website, they give the good tip of making a communication plan. What if you aren’t at home when all the SHTF? How will you get in touch with your family and loved ones? Establish a meeting point, a backup meeting point, and run a test drill if possible.

3. Don’t Fall for the Prepper Fantasy

At, which is one of the biggest and most popular prepper websites, they make a good point when they tell you not to fall for the “prepper fantasy.”

Unlike the picture of the Apocalypse which Hollywood likes to portray, the end of the world isn’t likely to occur overnight. Even if the global economy collapses, people will still go to work. some giant catastrophe like a nuclear attack does occur, it will probably still be a slow decline into anarchy and even longer before a new order is developed.   Government won’t disappear overnight, so be prepared for that!

4. Weigh the Risks of Bugging Out vs. Hunker Down

At, they point out that most prepper websites talk about fleeing to the woods or wilderness after a catastrophe to wait out the disaster (i.e. bugging out). But, for most people, bugging out is a form of suicide. Even with a great bug out bag, most people simply aren’t prepared for life in the wilderness and would probably die of diarrhea from drinking tainted water or hypothermia from an improperly-made shelter.

In many cases, it makes much more sense to stay put in a familiar place (i.e. hunker down) than it does to leave. Consider the reality of the situation, such as whether you are going to be surviving by yourself as a fit adult male, or if the situation is different – say a family with a newborn child in tow.

5. Clothes Are Not Optional!

In virtually every movie where the end of the world is shown, you see a bunch of tough practically-naked ladies running around. While this may make for good entertainment, this isn’t what the end of the world is likely to look like. As the prepper website points out, clothes are not optional!

Take some serious time to consider what clothes are going into your Bug Out Bag (aka 72-hour survival bag). Do you want to blend in or stand out? In the forest, you’ll definitely want to blend in with camo. But, if you are going to be evacuating in a populated place, you might want to consider matching t-shirts for the entire family so you can easily spot each other.

6. Have You Performed a SWOT Analysis?

One of the most popular prepper websites is They give the good tip to perform a SWOT analysis, which stands for “Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats.”   The analysis will let you know how prepared you really are for a disaster.

Your first strength is going to be that you are prepared and have made your Bug Out Bag and stockpiled your home with supplies and know the most important survival tactics.

Your weaknesses could be something like the fact you’ve got a newborn in tow, or you aren’t as physically fit as you should be. Opportunities are things which you could take advantage of but haven’t yet – such as making a community-wide emergency plan or taking a self defense class. With threats, be as realistic and comprehensive as possible. You’ve got to plan for things like riots, fires, communication systems going down…

7. Panicked People Behave Stupidly

As the preppers as the website remind us, panicked people act and behave stupidly.   No matter how well prepared you are for a disaster, remember that the majority of people out there aren’t going to be prepared.

You might be able to plan for things like rioting and looting, but what about the behavior you can’t predict?  More importantly here is the lesson that you shouldn’t panic. Otherwise all your prep and plans will go to waste because of carelessness and irrational decisions.

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