Solar Panel Angle: What is the Best Direction?

Last Updated: June 29, 2023

Whether installing solar panels on your roof for off-grid living or portable solar panels for emergency power, the tilt angle is critical for them to work efficiently. Here’s what you need to know about what angle is best for your solar panels.

Solar Panel Angle Guidelines

Set solar panels so the sun hits the panel at a 90-degree angle. Homes located near the equator will need a lower angle (shown left), and homes further from the equator will need a higher angle (pictured right). You will also need a higher angle in summer, and in winter, use a lower angle.

Best Solar Panel Angle By Location and Season

As a general rule, the best solar panel angle for spring/fall is close to the latitude of your home. Reduce the angle by approximately 15 to 20 degrees for summer and increase the angle for winter.

Honolulu, Hi21636
Miami, FL24939
Laredo, TX251040
Orlando, FL261141
Mobile, AL271242
Los Angeles, CA291444
Las Vegas, NV301545
Washington, DC311646
Salt Lake City, UT321747
New York, NY321747
Boise, ID331848
Butte, MT341949
Spokane, WA352050
Fairbanks, AK412656

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