The Best Bushcraft Pants to Survive Every Season

man sitting on cliff

Bushcraft pants are designed to be durable and comfortable in the toughest conditions. Having the right clothing is important whenever you’re in the wilderness but especially in a disaster situation when you can’t rely on being able to buy replacement kit when you get home. We’ve rounded up the best survival pants for different weather … Read more

What Is The Best Long Range Walkie Talkie For Emergency Communication?

pair of walkie talkies

When disaster strikes, there’s nothing more stressful than being unable to communicate with family and friends. Walkie talkies may feel old-fashioned in these days of smartphones, but they may be your best bet in an emergency. Cell phones are great for day-to-day communications, but network gridlock, damage to infrastructure or the need to escape to … Read more

Best Portable Solar Power Bank for Backup and Emergencies

phone charging via solar charger

After shelter, water and food, emergency power may be your next priority in a disaster situation. Granted, cell towers often go down when disaster strikes, but if they’re still standing, you’re likely to be using your phone a lot to check in with family and friends and gather intel on the situation. And that means … Read more

7 Best Hand Crank Flashlights for Emergency Use

Hand crank torches

You’ve got lots of lighting options for bugging out or hunkering down at home to ride out an emergency. Each type of light has pros and cons, but a hand-cranked device is the only option that requires no external power. If you’re in a dark cave with no batteries to hand, you’ll still be able … Read more

Get Enlightened: 11 Best Rechargeable Headlamps

Rechargeable headlamps

Headlamps are light, cheap and don’t take up much space in your Bug Out Bag. It’s worth investing in a couple to keep at home, in your car and in your emergency bag.They’re essential for power outages and survival situations, enabling you to see in the dark while keeping your hands free to light a … Read more