Wild Lettuce: The Natural Pain Killer (That Works Quickly)

lactuca virosa plant

Learn how to identify wild lettuce (lactuca virosa), how to make wild lettuce extract, tincture, and tea, dosage, and how to use this natural pain remedy.

How to Make DIY Emergency Candles (Two Different Ways)

diy emergency candles

Learn how to make your own beeswax or paraffin emergency candles using glass jars or DIY candle molds from toilet paper or tinfoil.

How to Prepare for and Survive a Flood

flood preparedness supplies

Detailed steps to take to prepare for a flood, how to protect home, what to do during a flood, stay safe after a flood, and flood emergency kit checklist.

List of the Best Survival Schools in the USA

list of the best survival schools

One of the best investments I ever spent was enrolling in a 3-day survival school course with my family.  Not only did we get to learn a lot of new skills while enjoying breathtaking nature, but we also met a lot of like-minded people.  Some of them went on to become good friends! If you … Read more

How to Protect Your Home with a Homestead Declaration

what is a homestead declaration

It is the little things we do which can make a huge difference during emergencies.  Like making sure to have enough bottled water available or an emergency heater in case the heating goes out in winter.

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