24 Paracord Projects So Useful That They Could Save Your Life

paracord bull whip

If you read this blog, then you know that I am a huge fan of Everyday Carry items. And, of all the EDC items I like to keep on me, paracord is my favorite. I you aren’t familiar with paracord, including what it is exactly, the types of paracord, and how to spot fake paracord, … Read more

The First Aid Supplies Checklist You Can’t Live Without

first aid supplies

It is appalling how few people in the United States (and beyond) have a fully stocked first aid kit or nevertheless know how to use the items in it! According to a survey from Adelphi University, 44% of Americans don’t have a first aid kit.

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This Survival Gear List Will Prepare You For Anything

So, you want to get survival gear so you can be prepared when disaster strikes? It can be really difficult to compile a list of what you need. Most of the survival gear lists you find online are targeted towards specific types of disasters, or they are just trying to sell you their crappy products. … Read more

The 5 Vital Components of an Emergency Communication Plan: Don’t Lose Your Family When a Disaster Goes Down!

missing family members disaster

This picture is of a Missing Persons board which was made following Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The board, in combination with a website which was set up, helped reunite many families which were separated during the disaster. But the fact that boards like this exist speak to a serious disaster preparedness problem: not many families … Read more

How to Get Started with Prepping: A Step-By-Step Guide

get started prepping

Prepping used to be a term which brought up images of paranoid people locked in military-style camps with watch towers and guns pointing out. But now the general public is finally waking up to the need to prep (it only took numerous major disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, and terrorist attacks to wake them up). If … Read more