10 High Calorie Delicious And Nutritious Vegetables

Assorted types of root vegetables

Vegetables aren’t often associated with a high-calorie food, but there are some noteworthy exceptions. These calorie-rich examples are exceptionally valuable as an emergency food source. And if you’re vegetarian but trying to put on some weight and mass, these calorie-dense veggies can provide you the gains you are seeking. 10 Calorie Rich Vegetables Before we … Read more

Protect Yourself: 7 Savage Non Lethal Self Defense Weapons

non lethal weapons stash

Ever try to hammer in a nail with a screwdriver? Doesn’t work well, even if you’re pretty dang good with that screwdriver. You need the right tool for the job, plain and simple, and that logic applies to non lethal self defense weapons. We’ve put together a basic assortment of weapons for your evaluation. Each … Read more

Unbreakable Umbrella Review: An Intriguing Self Defense Tool

Umbrella in open position

Never would have thought the words “self defense” and “umbrella” would go together but, well, here we are. I’m pleasantly surprised with the effectiveness of this item so lets get into this bad boy now. Specs and Buying Options Total Length: 37.5″ | Open Diameter: 47″ | Weight: 1lb 9oz | 5 Year Warranty Buy … Read more

23 Different Types Of Axes – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Several axes

An axe is an axe right? Well, not quite. We’re going to take a look at some of the common ones you’re likely to encounter, and a we’ll snag a gander at a few examples you’ll likely never encounter. What Is an Axe? I love a concise description. Collin English Dictionary describes an axe as, … Read more

The Trucker’s Friend Hammer Axe Tool – Used, Abused And Reviewed

hammer axe

The Trucker’s Friend hammer axe is a handy and durable multi-tool. It fits eight functions into one convenient and easy-to-carry item, and it’s even backed by a lifetime guarantee. Hammer Nail Puller Pry Bar Wire Twist 4.5″ curved axe head Tire chain hook Grapple hook Hose spanner But does the Trucker’s Friend really live up … Read more