Best Snowflake Multi Tool: Discreet, Cheap and Convenient

Last Updated: June 23, 2022

Snowflake multi-tools are becoming more popular than ever with their convenient size and versatility.

While not as heavy-duty as a proper survival multi-tool, these cheap and basic products will provide a reasonable backup option in a pinch.

Our Top Pick

Desuccus 18-in-1 Snowflake Multi-Tool

Every tool you’ll need, packed into a durable and compact snowflake design.Check On Amazon

Value Pick

HexFlex Adventure Tool

A snowflake narrowed down to the bare necessities, with a price that can’t be beat.Check On Amazon

Best Snow Flake Multitool Reviews

Best Overall: Desuccus 18-in-1 Snowflake Multi-Tool

Weight: 2.3 oz | Diameter: 2.5″ | Number of tools: 18

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18 tools pack down into a 2.5-inch stainless steel package that delivers with its versatility and durability.

Comes at a great price and doesn’t cut corners to get there.

Whether you are cutting ropes or boxes, trying to tune a bike with Allen and hex wrenches, or need a simple Philips head screwdriver, the Desuccus has you covered.

Desuccus covers every purchase for a year if it doesn’t live up to expectations.


  • Stainless steel construction for a long lifespan and durability
  • The wide array of tools ensures that it has what you’re looking for
  • Low-cost purchase


  • Heavy

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Best Value: HexFlex Adventure Tool

Weight: 2.3 oz | Diameter: 2″ | Number of tools: 15

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This snowflake multi-tool has just as many tools at the same size as most others but comes at a much lower price. Yes, there are only 15 tools, but they still cover all the basics.

The HexFlex Adventure tool uses a black-oxidized finish on a stainless steel build to help extend its lifetime.

While it lasts a while, it might not be the best for putting in your pocket with keys due to the sharp corners of certain tools on the snowflake.

Also, see our guide to self-defense keychains.


  • The black-oxidized finish on stainless steel means a long lifespan
  • Small size is more compact and convenient
  • Low price with high-quality build


  • Sharp corners don’t make it pocket-worthy
  • Lower number of tools

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Best for Light Use: No Touch Door Opener Hand Tool

Weight: 2.4 oz | Diameter: 2.5″ | Number of tools: 18

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The No Touch Door Opener Hand Tool is the right fit for something that will live in a work bag or just on a set of car keys for unexpected things.

This multi-tool boasts its ability to open doors hands-free, but we’re not too sure what that means. It seems like all of our multi-tools can do this!

It comes in more colorful designs that make it a good gift for friends that want to sport it on their bags and purses.

At 2.4 ounces and 2.5 inches wide, this is a bit large to have on a set of keys you are constantly using but sits well in a bag. This isn’t truly meant to be brought into severe conditions, so we recommend keeping it where it will be dry and taken care of.


  • Features most of the common tools
  • Comes in different colors
  • Low price tag


  • Isn’t made to stand up to harsh environments
  • “Hands-free door opener” is a gimmick

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Buyer’s Guide

A snowflake multi-tool is pretty straightforward, but there are some key differences to consider.

Materials and Build Quality

Stainless steel is the go-to material for good reason. Stainless helps make sure that these multi-tools can stay in good shape even when going through tough elements.

What makes certain snowflake multi-tools stand out amongst the rest is the finish put on the outside. You’ll find some that use black oxidized finishes, electrophoresis finishes, or just simple paint.

The ones you want to avoid are those that are just painted. These paints will chip and allow water to begin rusting the metal body of the multi-tool.

These snowflake multi-tools are easy to manufacture and pump out in the cheapest way possible, meaning it’s easy to buy a bad one. Watch our for counterfeits and only purchase via the official suppliers (all reviews link to official products on Amazon.)

Tools and Use

Twenty tools are a lot to fit into a 2-inch space, but they all have their uses. To choose the right tool, have a specific use in mind. This way, you can narrow down which one to buy.

For example, the PERAMBRY has all the right tools to tune a snowboard or set of skis on the side of the mountain, while the Desuccus has everything you may need in a variety of situations.

Size and Weight

Most of these tools are of a similar size, just over two ounces in weight and two inches in width. All of the brands boast a compact and portable product, but they’re all about the same.

The main difference here is the shape of the tools that can be sharp or rounded and fit into pockets or bags without snagging everything else in there.

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