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bugging out with a dog

Complete Guide to Dog Bug Out Bags and Bugging Out with a Dog

How to prepare your dog for bugging out, dog Bug Out Bags, K9 Bug Out Bag checklist, first aid kits and trekking food, plus lots of advice for bugging out with canines.

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bug out bag planning and thru hiking

What I Learned about Bug Out Bag Planning from Thru-Hikers

Improve your Bug Out Bag planning with tips from thru-hikers about how to cut weight, choose essential survival gear, and plan your bug out route.

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Bug Out Vehicle Checklist

The Ultimate Bug Out Vehicle Checklist

Like most of my peers, I don’t plan on sticking around if SHTF.  As much as I love my home, I plan on getting out of dodge as quickly as possible.  To make this happen, I have:

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tips for building a bug out bag

11 Simple Tips for Building a Better Bug Out Bag

Building a Bug Out Bag is one of the most important things you can do to get prepped for disaster. Some people even put it above building a 30-day emergency food supply.

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choose bug out vehicle

This Guide Perfectly Explains the Pros and Cons of Each Bug Out Vehicle Choice

As someone who spends a lot of time in survival and disaster prepping forums, I can state that there is a lot of argument about what the “best” bug out vehicle is.

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