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winter car survival kit

Winter: Your Car Survival Kit

What to do if you are stuck in your car during winter plus complete winter car survival kit checklist so you can be prepared for accidents and breakdowns.

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how to survive and prepare for an earthquake

How to Survive and Prepare for an Earthquake

Earthquake emergency supplies list, how to secure your home, safest places during an earthquake, and crucial info to survive and prepare for an earthquake

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flood preparedness supplies

How to Prepare for and Survive a Flood

Detailed steps to take to prepare for a flood, how to protect home, what to do during a flood, stay safe after a flood, and flood emergency kit checklist.

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common hurricane mistakes

18 Common Hurricane Myths and Mistakes that Get People Killed

In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, we saw a lot of video clips from people who, while we won’t call them idiots, were certainly doing a lot of stupid things.

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disaster volunteer rescuing women and baby

How to Become a Disaster Rescue Volunteer

As I read through the news of Hurricane Harvey, it isn’t the stories of families who lost everything which stand out to me.  Yes – these stories are tragic but the scale of the disaster is so large that it is hard to comprehend so much suffering.

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