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best kerosene heaters for indoor use

Best Kerosene Heater for Indoor Use (With Reviews)

Considering a kerosene heater? All you need to know about kerosene heater safety indoors, CO2, kerosene storage, and choosing the best kerosene heater for emergency use.

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best post apocalyptic books

Best Post-Apocalyptic Books

Post-apocalyptic fiction books aren’t just good entertainment.  You can sometimes learn a lot of important survival skills from them, and improve your mental preparedness while enjoying them. So, if you’ve already checked out these non-fiction survival books and enjoyed these top doomsday movies, you might want to give these post-apocalyptic books a read.*I realize that everyone […]

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water filter during boil alert

Can You Use a Water Filter During a Boil Advisory?

Learn why most water filters don’t work during boil advisories and the best alternatives to boiling for safely treating water during boil alerts.

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emergency preparedness with children

Disaster Prepping with Children: From Infancy to Adolescence

Epic guide to disaster prepping with children including emergency supplies checklist, survival training for kids, evacuation, and family disaster planning.

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emergency preparedness during pregnancy

Emergency Preparedness during Pregnancy

Complete guide to disaster preparedness during pregnancy, emergency birth plan and supplies checklist, water treatment during pregnancy, and more.

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