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12 Awesome EDC Tools for Urban Survival

Last Updated: January 8, 2020

If you are going into the wilderness, you need gear like rope, a fire starter and a tarp.

This gear is useful for urban survival too.  However, the environment is really different in cities.  You can probably find or scavenge everything you need for survival.

There is one catch though: you’ll need to be able to access supplies.  This is where your EDC tools come into play.

Aside from total SHTF situations, having keychain or pocket EDC tools will come in handy in lots of ways.  I’ve used my EDC tools to do things like fix my daughter’s broken toys, retrieve keys from a locked car, and changing a bike tire (to name just a few).

1. Leatherman Style PS

leathman style ps edc tool

Leatherman makes a huge array of EDC tools.  The reason that the Style PS makes the list is because it is so easy to carry.  It weighs just 1.58 ounces and measures under 3 inches.

The Style PS has 8 tools, including: pliers, scissors, and tweezers.

Since there is no blade on it, you can even take this EDC tool on airplanes.

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2. Swiss+Tech Micro-Max

Swiss+Tech micro max edc tool

If you need more tools on your EDC keychain multi-tool, then this is the option for you.  It’s got 19 different tools including: 2 hex wrenches, 6 screwdrivers, pliers, bottle opener, wire cutter and stripper, and hand drill.

The EDC tool is really cheap and has a lifetime warranty.  It folds down to be really compact so it can fit into your pocket.

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3. Columbia River Micro Tool & Key Chain Sharpener

colombia river key chain tool

This EDC tool is designed for SHTF situations.  The apocalypse has struck and you need to open an oxygen tank? The CKRT will do it.

Need to cut yourself free of a seat belt? The CKRT is so sharp that you’ve actually got to keep it covered so you don’t cut yourself on it.  It also has a field sharpener.

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4. Columbia River Guppie Multi-Tool

guppie edc keychain tool

Don’t let the cute name fool you.  This EDC tool is completely tough.  It contains an adjustable wrench, screwdriver with 4 hex bits, bottle opener, a knife, a carabiner and an LED light.  The pocket clip can also serve as a money clip.

At 4.1 ounces and closed length of 3.5 inches, you’ll have no problems carrying it with you everyday.

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5. Boker Plus VAT Access Tool

boker plus edc tool pry bar

Most of the EDC pry tools you find are good for opening cans of paint but won’t withstand higher amounts of pressure – such as if you need to rescue someone from a jammed door.  The Boker Plus VAT tool rises the occasion.

It is made from titanium so it is strong but weighs less than one ounce.  It also has a bottle opener, nail puller, shackle opener, and a glass breaker between the two O-rings!

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6. Gearward Keychain Duct Tape

keychain edc tool duct tape

The uses for duct tape are virtually unlimited.  So, it is pretty awesome that someone has finally come up with a keychain duct tape tool.

Okay – you could easily make this yourself by wrapping some duct tape around a cylinder-shaped keychain.  But would you have thought to do it if Gearward hadn’t made this cool EDC tool?

7. Leatherman Tread

leatherman tread edc tool

Of all the EDC tools made by Leatherman, this might be the most impressive they’ve made yet.

First of all, it is worn instead of carried which will be a plus for anyone who is tired of gear taking up space in their pockets.

The Tread bracelet consists of 9 stainless steel links plus a clasp, each of which contains multiple tools.  In total you get 29 tools.  The two which really stand out are the carbide glass breaker, pick/Sim card tool, and cutting hook.

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8. Columbia River Eat’n Tool

edc carry fork spoon tool

We usually don’t think of forks and spoons as tools, but try to eat without them and you’ll see why they are so important.  Okay, maybe a fork isn’t the most useful tools but it is nice to have when your hands are filthy and you are hungry!

This keychain eating tool is has a spork, bottle opener, can opener, screwdriver tip, and metric wrench all in one.

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9. Tool Logic Credit Card Companion

tool logic wallet edc tool

I love Tool Logic products, especially this slim EDC tool. It fits in your wallet but is designed to be taken apart and turn into multiple tools including: blade, bottle opener, tweezers, toothpick, awl, 8x power lens, and has a built-in compass.

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10. Victorinox Swiss Army SwissCard Multi-Tool

edc wallet survival gear by victoronix

Here is another credit card sized EDC tool that you’ll love.  This one contains scissors, a file, a blade/letter opener, tweezers, toothpick, awl, stainless steel pin, and screwdriver.

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11. Folding Lock Picking Set

 lock pick set for edc

One of the most important urban survival skills to have is lock picking.  If SHTF, knowing how to pick locks can gain you access to supplies, get an escape vehicle, and much more.

There are a bunch of these to choose from, including this highly rated choice on Amazon.

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12. Columbia River Get-A-Way Multi-Tool and Flashlight

columbia edc flashlight multi tool

Finally, this awesome EDC tool from Columbia River makes the list.  Unlike the other EDC tools listed, this one contains a flashlight.

I’d still suggest carrying a standalone tactical flashlight as part of your EDC – but it never hurts to have a backup.

Additionally, the EDC multi-tool has a screwdriver, wrench, bottle opener, and hex bits.  It is a great choice for when you need a tool with more torque.

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Do you have any EDC tools? What’s your favorite? Let us know in the comments or join the discussion in our Facebook group!

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