Whether an act of war by an enemy state or a solar flare, scientists agree that an EMP incident could completely wipe out the grid and cause widespread death and destruction.

Prepare yourself by reading the articles in this section.

Electric Grid Under Attack. Here’s Why Nothing is Being Done.
The news is full of frightening news about hurricanes, Ebola, global warming, and pretty much any disaster you can think[...]
Here’s How Smart People Are Prepping for EMP
Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) is the #1 threat to our security right now and some experts, such as Peter Fry and[...]
4 Steps to Take Immediately After EMP
Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) is the most pressing threat facing the modern world right now. It could happen from a nuclear[...]
The 3 Greatest EMP Threats That Are Most Likely to Happen
An electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, is one of, if not the most, pressing security threats to the world right now.[...]
What is a Faraday Cage and Will It Really Protect Against EMP?
We can’t see it, but there is electromagnetic radiation all around us. It is in the light we see, it[...]
Have These EMP-Proof Lighting Options for When the Grid Goes Down
Imagine living in a world without light. Few of us have ever experienced true darkness. Even if you go out[...]
What is Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)?
In 1989, astronomers watched as an explosion occurred on the sun. Minutes later, the magnetic energy from the explosion turned[...]
Will Your Car Survive an EMP Attack?
In the aftermath of an electromagnetic pulse disaster, do you picture yourself fleeing to safety in your car? Well, sorry[...]
Iran Military Document Exposes Plan for EMP Attack
For years, the US has already suspected Iran of planning a nuclear attack. Now, a recently-translated secret military handbook confirms[...]
US Completely Unprepared for EMP Attack that Would Take Out 90% of Population
What is the biggest threat to America? According to the likes of Paul Singer, Peter Vincent Pry, and the Wall[...]
NASA Warns of Massive Power Surges from Solar Flares
In 1859, English astronomer Richard Carrington was observing sunspots through his telescope as usual. Then something strange occurred: Carrington saw[...]

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