How We Review Products

Many of the products we review on this site – like knives, machetes, water filters, and tarps – are meant to be used in a survival situations. We understand that you need a product that you can rely on.

But we also understand that there are tons of choices out there.

Even something as seemingly simple as a tarp can be confusing to buy. It takes a long time to go through all of the products and figure out which one has all the features you need yet still fits your budget.


Our Experts

We pride ourselves in having real experts on our staff. Our writers actually use the products in question and know what features are important.

For example, one of our writers has a large collection of knives (many of which didn’t make it to the “best of” list!). Another writer has tested many different water filters in the backcountry before settling on a favorite.

See here for our writers credentials.



In our effort to be 100% transparent, we want you to know that we don’t always personally test each product in our reviews.

Even if we wanted to buy 50 different machetes to try (or saws, backpacks, etc.), long-term testing wouldn’t be possible. By long-term testing, I mean seeing how the products hold up when used over an extended period of time.

No website is able to do long-term testing of every product they review. It would take years to produce a single review post. By the time the post was done, half the products on it would no longer be relevant.

Any website that says they are doing long-term testing in their reviews is lying or taking shortcuts!


How We Choose The Best

So, how can we be sure that a product is the “best”?

Whenever possible, we test it out ourselves. When that isn’t feasible, we do extensive research on the products.

We dig through…

  • Buyer reviews to see what complaints real users have
  • Forum threads where people discuss their favorite products and why
  • YouTube demo videos
  • Friends’ recommendations
  • All the features and how they stack up against other competitors
  • The manufacturer’s reputation
  • The warranty and return policy

Only after doing a lot of research (and I mean a lot!) will we confidently say what the top products are.

Since we are aware that people have different needs and budgets, we always do our best to objectively lay out the pros/cons.


How We Make Money

We use affiliate links on Primal Survivor. That means that, if you buy one of the products we recommend after clicking our link, we will get a small percentage (at no extra cost to you).

This helps finance the site so we can keep providing you with well-researched, valuable content.

We will NEVER recommend a product just to make a quick buck though. We will only recommend products that, after researching extensively, we believe are truly valuable.

Hopefully you will find our reviews useful and save time in getting the best product for your needs.


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