Iran Military Document Exposes Plan for EMP Attack

For years, the US has already suspected Iran of planning a nuclear attack. Now, a recently-translated secret military handbook confirms what we already knew: Iran has endorsed a plan to use an electromagnetic pulse blast to wipe out the USA’s power system.

An electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, is a short burst of intense energy which would interfere with or literally melt electronic equipment like power grids, power lines, devices, and more. Large-scale EMP blasts can be caused by nuclear attacks or even a natural occurrence like a solar flare. In either scenario, the world is utterly unprepared – and the consequences would be devastating.

In his address to congress, Peter Pry of the National Force on National and Homeland Security testified that a terrorist or rogue state could attack with a weapon that could “kill up to 9 of 10 Americans through starvation, disease, and societal collapse.”

The Washington Examiner warns that communications, electric grids, and water systems could be down for a year.

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An EMP attack would be frighteningly easy to carry out on the US. The Wall Street Journal writes that all that would be needed are, “simple ballistic missiles such as Scuds that could be launched from a freighter near our shores; space-launch vehicles able to loft low-earth-orbit satellites; and simple low-yield nuclear weapons that can generate gamma rays and fireballs.”

Russia and China already have the potential to wipe out the US with an EMP attack. North Korea may soon join them. If Iran doesn’t already have the potential, it could easily develop it.   In his testimony to Congress, Pry warns that,

“Iran with a small number of nuclear missiles can by EMP attack threaten the existence of modernity and be the death knell for Western principles of international law, humanism and freedom. For the first time in history, a failed state like Iran could destroy the most successful societies on Earth and convert an evolving benign world order into world chaos.”

Considering the very-real risk of an EMP blast, by attack or through solar flare, the matter is getting very little attention and virtually nothing is being done to prepare the nation for such an event.

Representative Trent Franks introduced the SHIELD Act which would allot $2 billion to protect the electrical grid from EMP. Despite the small expense, the act has not been passed, leaving millions of Americans at risk of total grid failure.

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