Here’s How Smart People Are Prepping for EMP

Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) is the #1 threat to our security right now and some experts, such as Peter Fry and Valerie Plame, estimate that it could wipe out 90% of the USA population and put us in darkness for 10 years.

How do you even begin to prepare for such an all-encompassing threat as EMP?

Here are the steps that smart people take to prepare for EMP, and you should too!

1. They Accept the Reality that EMP Could Strike At Any Time

Despite what a major threat EMP is, the media has done a very good job of ignoring it. The same goes for our politicians.

We could talk for hours about why so many people choose to live in ignorance rather than facing reality. But this won’t help us survive.

What it comes down to is that YOU have to accept that EMP could wipe out our grid at any second.

Instead of letting the EMP threat scare them, smart preppers should let it propel them into action so they are prepared for an EMP event if it does occur.

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2. They Learn What Will Be Effected by EMP

I want to emphasize that we don’t know what will happen after an EMP event!

Despite how much time survivalists and preppers spend predicting the aftermath, no one can foretell the future.

Maybe it will just be a small EMP event and the utilities will be up within a few hours.

Or maybe it will be a targeted attack and just the electric grids will go out, but our electronic devices and cars will be safe.

Or maybe it will be such a catastrophic event that literally every electronic device on the planet will get fried.

As a survivalist, you should always hope for the best but prepare for the worst.  I suggest you read these articles about EMP so you can be prepared for what might come:

3. They Stockpile EMP Supplies

empty shelves disaster preparedness

Our entire food production and distribution system relies on the grid.

Sure, some farmers might still be able to produce food without their harvesting machines (which could also be fried by EMP) – but how is that food supposed to get to us when the grid is down?

Gas pumps rely on electronics, so all those trucks won’t be able to fuel up.   Any supplies which are in stores will quickly be sold or looted, and there will be no way to restock the shelves.

At the very least, every prepared patriot should have 30 days worth of supplies stockpiled.

Water should be your #1 priority, followed by food items. After that, you should stockpile first aid items and survival basics like candles and hygiene items.


4. They Learn Off-Grid Survival Skills

Stockpiling supplies will only take you so far. These supplies will eventually run out. Or a group of looters could easily steal them from you.

Knowing survival skills will help you through an EMP disaster better than any stockpile will. For example, you’ll be really happy if you know which urban plants are edible, how to grow your own food (such as getting an aquaponics system going), how to make a survival shelter in the wilderness…

You could read a whole bunch of blog posts and watch YouTube videos on survival skills. But you’d be a lot better off just going into the wilderness and learning them for yourself. So take your family backpacking!

5. They Pack a Bug Out Bag

Bug Out Bag checklist
Here is an example of a Bug Out Bag for evacuation in disaster situations

After an EMP event, you will probably be better off “hunkering down” at home – we are safest on familiar territory!

But, again, we don’t know what will happen. Maybe your home will become so dangerous that you will be forced to flee.

Be ready by having your Bug Out Bag packed. Here is a Bug Out Bag checklist.

6. They Create an Evacuation Plan

An EMP attack occurs and you decide you need to flee. Where will you go? And, since your car might not be working after EMP (or there might be road blocks and insane traffic jams), how will you get there?

Smart people prepare for EMP by coming up with a communication plan, choosing a Bug Out Location or even Buying a Bug Out Property, and getting an old EMP-proof vehicle.

7. They Protect their Electronics from EMP

A strong EMP blast won’t just take down the grid. It could fry all our electronics – including flashlights, radios, and our communication systems. Protect your important electronics by putting them in a Faraday cage. It is actually pretty easy to make a Faraday cage, and you can read about it here.

Or get some of these EMP Bags from Amazon.

8. They Get their Communities Involved

Here is where we see the difference between “concerned” preppers and the die-hard survivalists.

A real survivalist knows that the “lone wolf” approach to survival isn’t going to take them very far. Humans are social animals and we have strength in numbers.

To increase your chances of surviving EMP, you need to have your community on board.

Talk to your neighbors about disaster preparedness and come up with a community disaster response plan.

9. They Continue to Enjoy their Lives

I think this part is really important. When people first learn about the threat of EMP, or wake up to how vulnerable we are, they get scared.

I get it – EMP is scary.

But this doesn’t mean you need to live in fear. This won’t help anyone. And living is fear just means that the terrorists and enemies threatening us have won.

The best thing you can do is take steps to increase your preparedness level every day while continuing to enjoy the things you love. After all, they might not be there for much longer…

How many of these steps have you already taken? Let us know in the comments or join the discussion on our Facebook community.

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