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Making and Using a Slingshot For Hunting and Survival

Find out how to make a slingshot and hunt with it in a survival situation.Slingshots are silent, simple and lightweight, they make a great addition to any bug out bag. Best of all they’ll fire anything from steel shot to small rocks, so you’ll rarely have to worry about running out of ammo.

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shotgun slug making material

How To Make Homemade Shotgun Shells

Ever wondered what you would do for Shotgun shells if the SHTF? Find out how to make your own shells, powder, primer, shot and solvent for when things really go to hell.

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Buck 120 review

Buck 120 Knife Review

In-depth review of the classic Buck 120 knife. Covers length, balance, handle material. We look at the different models including 420HC vs. 5160 steel and blood grooves.

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potassium permanganate survivavl

Potassium Permanganate: 5 Surprising Survival Uses

This cheap, readily available chemical has many survival uses. Learn how to use potassium permanganate for purifying water, starting fires, first aid, and more.

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sawyer mini vs lifestraw

Sawyer Mini vs. LifeStraw – Best Portable Water Filter (One Clear Winner!)

Find out why the Sawyer Mini beats the LifeStraw as the best portable water filter for camping, backpacking, and disaster preparedness.

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