Best Bug Out Guns (Handguns and Rifles Reviewed)

Guns for bug out bag

There is no perfect bug out gun that suits everyone’s needs. Join us as we take a look at the pros and cons of each choice and help you choose the right gun for your bug-out bag.

Urban Bug Out Bag: What You Need To Carry and Planning Guide

urban bug out bag

If you have to survive a disaster in the city, you’ll want this gear in your urban Bug Out Bag. Read how to plan your urban BOB and get a complete Bug Out Bag checklist for city survival.

Complete Guide to Dog Bug Out Bags and Bugging Out with a Dog

bugging out with a dog

How to prepare your dog for bugging out, dog Bug Out Bags, K9 Bug Out Bag checklist, first aid kits and trekking food, plus lots of advice for bugging out with canines.

What I Learned about Bug Out Bag Planning from Thru-Hikers

bug out bag planning and thru hiking

Improve your Bug Out Bag planning with tips from thru-hikers about how to cut weight, choose essential survival gear, and plan your bug out route.

25 Items You Forgot to Put in Your Bug Out Bag

At this site (and many sites all over the web), we’ve talked a lot about what to pack in your bug out bag.  Since a BOB is all about survival, we focus on the key areas – like the items which will provide you with shelter, food, water, warmth, and personal security.

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