How to Treat a Gunshot Wound, Even When Help Is Not Available

how to treat a gunshot wound

Up until fairly recently, “normal” people didn’t have to worry about getting shot.  This is no longer the case. In 2019 alone, the United States experienced more than 400 mass shootings. These shootings represent just a small percentage of the 113,000 people shot each year . More than 39,000 people will die of gunshot wounds … Read more

How to Treat Any Broken Bone in the Wilderness (with Pictures)

treating broken ankle

I’m a parent who takes my young daughter backpacking in the wilderness, often far away from civilization and miles away from the nearest help. While these experiences are wonderful for teaching resilience and survival skills, there’s still the risk of something going wrong. Along with snake bites, bear attacks, and heavy bleeding, broken bone injuries … Read more

How to Build a Compact Wilderness First Aid Kit which Could Actually Save Your Life

first aid kit box

I’ve looked at a lot of wilderness first aid kits and, for the most part, I am really disappointed by them. There is almost always something missing from the first aid kit or they are really impractical (like being too big to carry). This is scary when you think that people are relying on these … Read more

How and When to Use a Tourniquet

applying tourniquet

We’ve all seen the movies where a wounded hero rips a piece of his t-shirt and ties it around a limb to use as a tourniquet.  In real life, using a tourniquet this way would almost certainly result in failure and death.  You need a wide tourniquet applied very tightly to stop limb bleeding.

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A Guide to Using Butterfly Bandages for First Aid (Store Bought & DIY Versions)

DIY Bandage

Butterfly bandages get their name because they have a narrow non-adhesive area in the center and adhesive wider sides, making them look like a butterfly.  They are also called “butterfly stitches” or “wound closure strips.” Butterfly bandages are similar to SteriStrips, which are also used to hold wounds together so they can heal. Recommended Products … Read more