What Soldiers Have in their IFAK Individual First Aid Kits

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A major EMP disaster has just struck.  With the grid down, the masses are left without a way to resupply their food, no running water, and in a state of panic. Chaos ensues and, as predicted, the masses take to the streets to loot and riot. Anyone who gets in their way is likely to … Read more

What You Need in Your Bug Out Bag First Aid Kit

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Of all of the things that I chose for my Bug Out Bag, the items for the first aid kit were the hardest. Bug Out Bag packing is tough because you want to make sure that you have every single item you’d need in a SHTF survival situation – but you also want to make … Read more

10 First Aid Skills Everyone Should Know

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I’ve talked before about the importance of having a fully-stocked first aid kit and made this Complete Home First Aid Supplies Checklist and this Wilderness First Aid Kit Checklist. However, having first aid supplies isn’t going to do you much good if you don’t know how to use them. Here are the top 10 first … Read more

The First Aid Supplies Checklist You Can’t Live Without

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It is appalling how few people in the United States (and beyond) have a fully stocked first aid kit or nevertheless know how to use the items in it! According to a survey from Adelphi University, 44% of Americans don’t have a first aid kit.

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