Why It’s Sometimes Infuriating to Be a Female Prepper

infuriating be a female prepper

I don’t like putting labels on everything.  But, since our society likes to do that for everything, yes, I’m a survivalist and prepper.

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Natural Ways To Predict The Weather (Without a Forecast)

campsite in winter

Understanding the weather requires an observant eye. Ideally that observation is coupled with a familiarity with the natural world. I can’t teach you to be more observant (except to say “slow down, take your time, and focus generally on your surroundings”), but I can teach you about the natural cues and signals that give away … Read more

Does Diesel Fuel Go Bad?

diesel storage

Learn how long diesel lasts, how to store diesel in drums or tanks, signs that diesel has gone bad, and ways that you can make diesel fuel last longer with biocides, stabilizers, water absorbers, and filtering.

How to Become a Disaster Rescue Volunteer

disaster volunteer rescuing women and baby

As I read through the news of Hurricane Harvey, it isn’t the stories of families who lost everything which stand out to me.  Yes – these stories are tragic but the scale of the disaster is so large that it is hard to comprehend so much suffering.

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You Know You’re a Prepper When… 18 Surefire Signs You are a Prepper!

prepper wearing gas mask

Ever wonder if you are a prepper? You might not be one of those “crazy preppers”, but if you can relate to any of these telltale signs, then you most definitely can call yourself a prepper! 1. Acronyms like BOB, TEOTWAWKI, and SHTF make sense to you. Preppers use some pretty crazy acronyms to talk … Read more