Best Shotgun For Home Defense and Protection

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When it comes to home defense, a good shotgun can take care of business.They are widely available and can be purchased new for as low as $250.Follow our guide find the best shotgun for home defense.

Bulletproof Home Defense: Tactics You Can Enact Now to Secure Your Safety

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Protect your family from intruders with these comprehensive home defense and security tactics that will turn your home into a fortress.

How to Set Up an All-Points Home Security System for Cheap

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If you live in the United States, then there is a good chance that your home will be invaded. According to recent stats, 20% of Americans are victims of home invasions. Even more scary is the fact that, of the 3.8 million home burglaries which are committed each year, 7% result in some sort of violence – including many rapes.

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The 5 Pinnacles of Home Defense that You Need to Enact Now

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So you want to set up a home defense system to prevent intruders from getting in, and to keep you safe in case they do? There is a lot of great advice about home defense available online, (we have a very in-depth post here) but you’ve got to bear in mind that each home is … Read more