18 Common Hurricane Myths and Mistakes that Get People Killed

common hurricane mistakes

In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, we saw a lot of video clips from people who, while we won’t call them idiots, were certainly doing a lot of stupid things.

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10 Things About Hurricane Preparedness they Forgot to Warn You About

hurricane preparedness

By now most people who live in hurricane zones know that they need to have a supply of emergency water and food stockpiled (whether they actually stockpile this is another matter). However, when talking about hurricane preparedness, a lot of essentials get completely overlooked. Here are the hurricane preparedness tips that you absolutely must know, … Read more

How to Survive a Hurricane

After Hurricane Katrina took over 1,800 lives and left a trail of devastation, you’d think that people would have learned their lesson. But, when Hurricanes Ike, Irene, Eresto, and Sandy struck (amongst the many other hurricanes and tropical storms which have hit the United States in the past decade), the local residents and governments were overwhelmingly unprepared. Take a lesson from history and learn how to survive a hurricane – before it is too late!

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