Whittlin’ the Day Away: Best Whittling Knives

Whittling is a skill well worth attaining, it is entertaining, teaches patience and tact, and can produce worthwhile items when you’re in the field. Something as innocuous as a spoon can be a valued commodity in the right scenario, and knowing how to whittle your own is key to  making do. But before you get … Read more

Lucky 7: The 7 Best Bowie Knives on the Market

Whether you choose them for style, function, or an unmatched pedigree, bowie knives are a smart and classic choice. Many of these blades are suspiciously closer to a sword than a knife, but sometimes you need that “bigger is better” tool in your arsenal. Let’s take a look at some of the best Bowie knives … Read more

Best Self Defense Knife: 10 Kick-Ass Blades Reviewed & Buyers Guide

Self defense knife in log

Humans made it to where we are today because of our ingenuity and use of tools, but one outweighs all of the others in importance and significance. No, it’s not beer (but that’s pretty darn important too), it’s the edged weapon. By knapping at the edges of flint and obsidian and other stones we created … Read more

10 Best Survival Knives On A Budget

cheap survival knife

The single most important piece of survival gear is arguably your survival knife. Aside from the obvious uses of a survival knife like self-defense, there are countless ways you can use it for your survival

The Legendary KA-BAR USMC Knife – Sliced, Diced and Reviewed


My first exposure to the glory of KA-BAR was almost twenty years ago. A friend of the family was cleaning out her garage and found her husband’s old knife from his time in the Marines. She offered the old blade to me and I gratefully accepted it. What would any sensible thirteen year old boy … Read more