Antiseptic Medicinal Plants for Treating Wounds Naturally

medicinal antibacterial plants

The top medicinal plants with natural antibacterial properties found in North America and how to make DIY tinctures, salves, and wound healing remedies.

11 Natural Antibiotics for Everyone (and how to use them)

natural antibiotics for preppers

When my son gets sick, I can visit his pediatrician.  After a lab test confirms a bacterial infection, he gets a prescription for antibiotics.  Problem solved. But what if I weren’t able to call the doctor? What if the pharmacies weren’t open and I couldn’t buy medicine? Or what if there was an outbreak of … Read more

Natural Homemade Pain Killers

These 8 potent natural painkillers can be grown, foraged, or found in your cupboards for homemade DIY pain relief when drugs aren’t available.

Homemade Cough Medicine Recipes: 11 DIY Solutions

homemade cough medicine

Make your own natural homemade cough medicine with these ingredients found in your pantry or with potent anti-cough herbal remedies that can be foraged in your backyard.

Homemade Natural Remedies for Tackling Diarrhea

natural homemade remedies for diarrhea

Learn how to treat diarrhea naturally using homemade diarrhea remedies from your kitchen cabinet or plants you can easily forage in North America.