Best Kerosene Heater for Indoor Use (Reviews+Safety Info)

best kerosene heaters for indoor use

Considering a kerosene heater? All you need to know about kerosene heater safety indoors, CO2, kerosene storage, and choosing the best kerosene heater for emergency use.

7 Mostly-Great Options for an Off-Grid Refrigerator

root cellar

Want to know your options for off-grid refrigeration? We take a look at 7 different ways you can keep your stuff cold. From low tech solutions up to high specced solar refrigerators.

The First 12 Things to Do During a Power Outage

what to do after a power outage

Power outages are incredibly common.  Surprisingly, power outages are even getting worse in the USA.  According to Inside Energy, the annual average of power outages doubles every five years! The reason for this has to do with aging infrastructure, more frequent storms, and problems sustaining the electric grid as populations grow. Despite how common power … Read more

10 Things You Only Know Once You’ve Lived without Electricity

live without electricity

For most people, it is nearly impossible to imagine a life without electricity.

How are you supposed to cook your food?

How do you entertain yourself without TV?

And what about those basic needs which we constantly overlook – like lighting and our washing machines?

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The Survivalist’s Guide to Solar Power

solar power

When it comes to off-grid living, it is the thought of going without electricity which gets to most people. This is what makes people scramble to buy pricey solar panel systems and keep them attached to the grid “just in case.”

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