Best Keychain For Self Defense: 6 Menacing Options

The best self defense tool is that one you’ve got in your hand when you need it. It should also be discrete and easily carried. Pocket knives and batons are excellent but they often stick out like a sore thumb, however holding keys in your hand arouses minimal suspicion. Read on to see the best … Read more

9 Best Tactical Pens for Self Defense and Survival

best tactical pens

For self defense and survival, it pays to think outside of the box.  Instead of relying solely on weapons like firearms and pepper spray, you should consider carrying a tactical pen. What Is a Tactical Pen? A tactical pen is a pen made out of a strong material (usually aluminum or steel).  The pen will … Read more

7 Of The Best Self-Defense Batons To Get Familiar With

Policemen with batons

I am a sucker for simplicity. My coffee mugs are a drab display of ivory and beige ceramic. The garden outside of my office has a handful of vegetables without a bit of pomp or frill and my clothing is barren of a single logo in the whole wardrobe. Go figure that when it comes … Read more

Step Off: Quick and Dirty Self Defense

woman sparring in self defense

Self defense is about surviving an ugly confrontation and getting to safety. Read our quick and dirty guide to provide you with a solid foundation of knowledge and expectation when defending yourself.