How to Protect Your Home with a Homestead Declaration

what is a homestead declaration

It is the little things we do which can make a huge difference during emergencies.  Like making sure to have enough bottled water available or an emergency heater in case the heating goes out in winter.

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How Much Land Do You Need to Be Self-Sufficient?

how much land do you need to be self sufficient

Want to start a self-sufficient homestead? Find out how many acres of land you really need to achieve self-sufficiency and supply your own food and power.

Homestead Layout Plans on 1 Acre or Less

homestead designs

You want to start homesteading but don’t have a lot of land?  Lack of land is one of the biggest excuses that I hear from people who’d like to become more self-sufficient but just don’t get started.

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54 Square Foot Medicinal Garden Plan

54 square foot survival garden plan

Today, the average American takes about 10 pills per day and fills out 12 prescriptions per year.  It wasn’t always like this though.  In the past, people took care of their ailments with natural remedies that they could find or grow.  Wouldn’t you like to grow your own medicine so you don’t have to rely on expensive pharmaceuticals (which may not always be available)?  Here is a small medicinal survival garden plan to get you started.

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5 Off-Grid Survival Food Systems that Really Work

off grid farm

The adage goes, Once in your life you need a doctor, a lawyer, a policeman and a preacher, but three times a day you need a farmer. It is scary how dependent we are on our food system for survival. Not only do we rely on global weather conditions being just right for growing food, … Read more