Best Signal Mirror for Everyday Carry (And How To Use It!)

best signal mirrors

If you are lost in the wilderness or out at sea, it is incredibly hard to be seen from above. Any sort of distress signal you send greatly improves the chance that you will be rescued.  One of the simplest yet most effective ways of sending a distress signal is to use a signal mirror. … Read more

Best Fireproof Document Bag: Protect Your Precious Belongings.

House Fire

A fire is capable of wiping out everything you own without a hope for restoration. Whether it’s at home, in your vehicle, or at work, a single spark can destroy it all. While it’s impossible to fireproof everything, you can fireproof some of your most important documents and files by storing them in a fireproof … Read more

Best Portable Fire Pits for the Backyard or Camping

best portable fire pits

Everything is better around a campfire (or, as I call it, “caveman TV”). It creates a sense of calm and unity with the people around you.  Oh, and food definitely tastes better when cooked over an open fire! But there are a lot of issues with making a campfire in your backyard or even when … Read more

Best Car Fire Extinguisher: Pulling The Pin

Car on fire

A car fire is an incredibly dangerous event when every ounce of preparedness you have pays off. Keeping your cool in an emergency is important, but you need the right tools to get the job done; that’s where the car fire extinguisher comes into play. Our buyer’s guide comes complete with suggested products and a … Read more

Best Survival Multi Tool: Top 5 Picks for True Survivalists

If you are serious about self-reliability, then carrying a multi tool as part of your everyday carry (EDC) is one of the best habits you can get into. Here we review six of the best.