10 High Calorie Delicious And Nutritious Vegetables

Assorted types of root vegetables

Vegetables aren’t often associated with a high-calorie food, but there are some noteworthy exceptions. These calorie-rich examples are exceptionally valuable as an emergency food source. And if you’re vegetarian but trying to put on some weight and mass, these calorie-dense veggies can provide you the gains you are seeking. 10 Calorie Rich Vegetables Before we … Read more

How to Harvest, Store and Preserve Potatoes

Potatoes - harvesting

Nutritious, tasty, easily grown, and safe for long-term storage, potatoes are a staple food for a reason. And if the SHTF, you can’t have a much better crop to rely on to get your through lean times and allow you to flourish in your environment. Up ahead you can expect to read about: Why potatoes … Read more

Get Cultured: Starting A Permaculture Garden

A lot of people throw the word “permaculture” around like it’s the answer to all of our food production woes. Unfortunately, like everything else, once you scratch below the surface it isn’t that simple. Tremendous benefits and food production capabilities are achievable while practicing a permaculture philosophy but, to put it bluntly, it ain’t infallible. … Read more

Best Survival Seeds and How to Start a Seed Bank

how to start a seed bank

In addition to stockpiling emergency food, many preppers are seriously looking at starting a seed bank. The idea is that you will be able to grow food for your family, even in the worst circumstances and when the supermarket shelves are empty. There are a lot of “survival seed” kits available – but don’t rush … Read more

5 Gallon Bucket Gardening For Vegetables – The 101

Buckets with vegetables growing

When it comes to ease and portability, container gardening is about as good as it gets. It can however be tricky business; some plants need as little as six inches of soil to grow, but others need as much as two-feet. Read on to learn how to plant and care for a thriving bucket garden.