Best Water Purification Tablets: The Surefire Solution For Drinkable Water


Great works of art, scientific achievement, and the Hot Pocket are all tremendous works of progress made by mankind, but none of that would matter much without clean drinking water available at your command from the tap. But what do you do without regular access to cool, crisp, and clean water? What if you’re in … Read more

Survivor Filter PRO Review

Survivor Filter PRO review

The Survivor Filter PRO has a 0.01 micron rating, a 100,000 liter filter life, and can take a beating. See how it compares to the Katadyn, Sawyer Mini, and LifeStraw in this review.

Best Home Water Test Kit

home drinking water test

Find out how to test your home water for contaminants like lead, VOCs, and arsenic, when to test water, signs of a water problem, and the best home water test kits.

WaterBrick Review: The Best Containers for Long-Term Water Storage?

WaterBrick review

WaterBricks are stackable, portable, easy to use, and incredibly durable. But are the water storage containers worth the cost? Find out in this detailed WaterBrick review.

Sawyer Mini vs. LifeStraw – Best Portable Water Filter (One Clear Winner!)

sawyer mini vs lifestraw

Find out why the Sawyer Mini beats the LifeStraw as the best portable water filter for camping, backpacking, and disaster preparedness.