US Completely Unprepared for EMP Attack that Would Take Out 90% of Population

What is the biggest threat to America? According to the likes of Paul Singer, Peter Vincent Pry, and the Wall Street Journal, it isn’t chemical warfare. It isn’t Ebola. It isn’t climate change.

The biggest threat to America and its allies is an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack – and it would be relatively easy for a rogue nation like Iran or North Korea to pull off. All it would take is some basic ballistic missiles which could be launched from a freighter in international waters.

An EMP attack would quickly and completely fry the electric grid. As the Wall Street Journal points out, our food and water supplies, banking, medical care, law enforcement, communication systems and much more all rely on a functioning electric grid.

How devastating would an EMP attack be? It is estimated that an EMP attack would take out 90% of the population. Former CIA director and spy Valerie Plame warns that modern life in America could be wiped out for 18 months. Other sources put the number at 10 years.

EMP Survival

Despite how pressing of a threat this is, virtually nothing has been done to protect citizens from being thrown into a cold, dark world. Numerous bills have been introduced in Congress, including the SHIELD Act and GRID Act, which would upgrade the US electrical system, but the bills have all died in Senate.

While the government sits idly, some citizens are taking matters into their own hands. They may not be able to stop the threat of an EMP attack, but they are preparing for it.

One option is to use a Faraday cage, which is shields its contents from the effects of static electric fields. It could save essential electronics such as communication devices like HAM radios or battery-powered medical devices from getting destroyed during an EMP disaster.

But even a Faraday cage won’t be enough to deal with the reality of a dark world after an EMP attack. There would be a complete economic collapse, starving and thirsty people, and mobs fighting for resources. The only way to prepare for such an event is to move towards more self-sustainable power, food and water sources.

To prepare, leading survivalist experts recommend starting with a basic disaster survival kit and learning skills like building survival shelters, home defense, and how to secure clean water.

EMP Survival

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