Apartment Homesteading:

21 Ways to Start a Homestead in Your Apartment

You don’t need to leave city life behind. You can start a homestead in your apartment right now by using your available space and resources creatively.

Read on to learn more about apartment homesteading and discover 21 ways to make it work, no matter your circumstances.

Create an Edible Balcony Garden

Choose balcony-friendly veg like tomatoes, peppers, and strawberries. You’ll be surprised at how much your tiny space can produce!

Grow Herbs in the Window

Use the natural light and warmth near your windows to grow a smaller indoor herb garden. You could place some small pots on the windowsill or get more creative with hanging planters and vertical structures.

Start a Secret Ninja Garden

Industrious people might plant along public spaces, like their apartment walkways or a sidewalk, taking advantage of tiny earthen patches to grow small berry bushes or veggies.

Wildcraft the World Around You

As you grow plants and forage for edibles in the city, think about how to utilize them creatively. You can make tea from wild mullein, create an oil infusion with homegrown thyme, or cook a delicious stir-fry with foraged wood ear mushrooms.

Make Medicine From Scratch

It’s easy and cheap to make DIY cough medicine with pantry staples like oil and honey or to craft diarrhea remedies from foraged plants and herbs.

Fix It Yourself

Homesteaders generally have a do-it-yourself mindset. Even though it can be daunting to try and fix things like furniture, appliances, and vehicles, the practice is liberating and empowering.

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