The Best Survival Knife for Every Scenario

The best survival knife is one that can complete a desired task without breaking. It holds up under pressure and can withstand heavy use. It’s versatile and practical, and as such, can fulfill an array of needs.

While many key features can overlap from one knife to the next, here are the best survival knives for the most common survival tasks.

Ka-Bar Bowie USMC Fixed Blade

Whether you're hammering, digging, or building fires, traps, and weapons, the Ka-Bar can pretty much do it all. If I could only have one knife, I'd bet my life on the Ka-Bar.

Wander Tactical Lynx Blade

The Wander Tactical Lynx is a finely crafted weapon that's small enough to deploy as your EDC in the field and more than capable of withstanding the harsh elements of Mother Nature.

Condor Undertaker Bowie Blade

For a knife of this size, it's actually balanced quite well. The Condor Bowie makes it easy to do small knife chores while providing all the perks of big knife jobs like chopping and splitting wood.

White River FC5 Firecraft

The FC5 has a beefy blade made from CPM S35VN steel, so it offers a fantastic balance between corrosion resistance, hardness, and toughness and features superb edge retention.

TOPS BOB Fieldcraft

This BOB Fieldcraft is designed with a drop-point blade that has a strong tip suitable for slicing and meat processing, in addition to traditional bushcraft work.

Spyderco Paramilitary 2

The Paramilitary 2 is constructed with a CPM S45VN-modified clip-point blade with a flat grind for excellent slicing performance. It offers adequate corrosion resistance, edge retention, toughness, and ease of sharpening.

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