What Is a Blackjack Weapon or Sap?

Blackjack weapons, also known as saps, are handy club weapons that were once used as police batons. They aren’t nearly as common today, but some people are still intrigued by the idea of having a blackjack weapon at home.

Are they a good option, though? How do you use a blackjack weapon? And are they even legal? Time to find out.

What Is a Blackjack Weapon?

A blackjack weapon is a club weapon, very similar to a baton, made up of a weight at the end of a short staff. The weight is usually lead wrapped in leather.

If used properly, it can knock an attacker out with a single blow to the head. On top of that, it’s subtle and difficult to spot, easy to handle, and cheap, making it a great weapon to have on hand.

Difference Between a Blackjack Weapon and a Sap

Unlike the traditional blackjack weapon, which has a round head, the sap’s head, with the weight inside, is flat. As such, you may also see it called a flat sap or beavertail sap.

The sap is less dangerous than a traditional blackjack weapon. Since its head is flat, it delivers the impact over a larger area. This makes it less likely to break bones or seriously injure a person.

How Do You Use a Blackjack Weapon?

Blackjack weapons can be used both offensively and defensively, and there are a few determining factors that make these weapons very easy to use.

They’re light, so they require very little strength to wield. They’re also short, so you don’t need a big swing to use them, and they’re easy to conceal. However, their length also limits their range and it forces you to get close to your attacker.