How to Make a Bucket Mousetrap  (Step by Step)

The bucket mousetrap is a simple yet effective way to catch multiple mice at the same time. It’s easy to build, cheap to make, and completely customizable to fit your preferences.

You can assemble this trap in just half an hour, then set and leave it for several days while you wait. The best part is you probably already have all the components you need right at home!

What You Need to Make Your Trap

- Bucket - Rod - Can - Drill - Plank - Nails - Hammer - Bait

1. Drill the Bucket

Drill two holes on each side of the bucket lip. Use a drill bit larger than your rod, but keep the holes as small as possible. I used a drill press, but you can use any standard drill you have.

2. Drill the Can

Drill two holes through the can lengthwise from top to bottom. Like the holes in your bucket, the holes in the can should be directly opposite from one another. If they are aligned correctly, the rod can go straight through.

3. Insert the Rod

Thread the rod through one side of the bucket, then through the entire can. Finally, push it out through the hole on the other side of the bucket.

4. Set the Ramp

Lean the ramp up against the bucket and nail it to the lip. Make sure you have enough of an angle so mice can climb it. They should be able to sink their claws into the wood easily.

5. Bait the Can

Smear your bait in a thin, even strip around the can. Remember, the bucket mousetrap works by weight and gravity. If you throw the weight off by adding thick globs of bait, the can won’t rotate when the mouse comes to get the bait.

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