Cold Weather Survival: 

10 Key Winter Survival Skills and Rules

It’s one thing to survive in the wilderness in mild weather. You might be cold, dehydrated, and hungry, but you’ll probably make it at least a few days.

Surviving in cold weather is a completely different beast though.  Without adequate gear, knowledge, and skills, you can succumb to the cold or any other number of dangers quickly.

Here’s a breakdown of the most important things you need to know in order to survive in cold weather.

Build a Winter Survival Shelter

You can dig directly into a mound of snow to create a cave for sleeping. If the snow isn’t deep enough to provide a stable structure for a roof, you can put pine boughs over the top.

Understand Layering Systems

Layering actually means wearing clothes that keep you dry, trap heat, and protect you from the elements.  A good set of layers will keep you equally comfortable in 50°F and 15°F temperatures.

Starting a Fire

If you try to light tinder directly on snow, the snow will put out the sparks.  Instead, build your fire on a dry platform.

Finding Food

You are better off investing your time in learning some wild winter edibles in your area.

Recognizing Cold-Weather Dangers

Cornices are very dangerous because the can look like part of the mountain.  But, when you walk on it, the cornice can collapse and send you falling to your death.

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