How to Make Dehydrated Vegetable Chips

Drying veg for chips is easy and fun, but it’s not as simple as it seems.

Making vegetable chips requires a fair bit of legwork and a lot of waiting. It usually takes an entire day for me to make a big batch, though most of that is hands-off time waiting for the chips to dehydrate.

1. Clean Your Vegetables

Start the sanitary way by washing your veggies. Clear off dirt, debris, and insects with cold running water. It’s wise to peel root veg and all store-bought vegetables before dehydrating them to eliminate lingering grime or chemicals.

2. Slice Veg Uniformly

You want to slice your vegetables as evenly as possible so they dry at the same rate. How thick or thin you slice them depends on how you like your chips.

3. Blanch

Remember, you don’t have to blanch every single vegetable. A good rule of thumb is to blanch items you wouldn’t eat raw, like potatoes.

4. Salt and Season

For best results, sprinkle your vegetables with salt right after blanching, then wait a few minutes for the water to seep out. Pat the vegetables dry with a paper towel, then add your oil and sprinkle on a touch more salt.

5. Arrange and Dehydrate

Once the veggie slices are salted and seasoned to your liking, it’s time to arrange them on your dehydrator racks. Place them at least a few centimeters apart to encourage airflow and speed up drying. I dehydrate my chips at 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

6. Check Progress

After four hours, remove a single chip from the dehydrator and break it in half. It should be crispy and crunchy throughout, snapping immediately with no give. If it bends or feels leathery, continue dehydrating the rest of the chips. Check on them periodically every hour until you’re satisfied.

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