DIY Hurricane Shutters:  3 Ways

If you live in an area that gets hit by hurricanes, boarding up your windows is one of the easiest and most effective ways to prevent damage to your home.

While professional hurricane shutters are usually the best option, it is possible to make DIY shutters on a budget. Here are three ways to do it.

Method 1: Using Barrel Bolts

This is considered the best method for boarding windows. Because the plywood cover fits snugly inside the window frame, wind is less likely to get underneath it and pull it away. It is only suitable for windows that have at least a 2” inset.

1.  Measure the window. 2. Cut plywood so it fits the window     exactly. 3. Fasten 3-inch or 4-inch heavy-     duty barrel bolts onto the panel.      They should be fastened with #8      bolts (not screws!) and washers.      Use one barrel bolt per each one      to two feet. A small window will      only need four bolts (one on each      side or two on each side).

4. Place the panel against the      window. Mark where the barrel      bolts meet the wall. 5. Remove the panel and drill holes      for the barrel bolts.

Method 2: Screws

This method isn’t as good as the bold method but may be the only DIY hurricane cover option for windows that aren’t recessed.

1.  Measure your windows: Include      the window frame in the      measurements, but do not      include the trim. 2. Cut plywood to fit windows: Add      8 inches to the width and height      measurements. If your windows      have a sill that protrudes      outwards, only add 4 inches to      the height. This is because the      plywood will sit on top of the sill.

3. Prepare the covers For wood      homes: Draw a line two inches      from the edges of the cover. For      vinyl siding homes: Draw a line 3      ¼ inches from the edges of the      cover.