DIY Rat and Mouse Bait Station: 

Homemade Bait Box

Poison bait stations are a great way to control the population, but pre-built units tend to be flimsy and expensive. If you want a sturdy bait station that you can reuse repeatedly, your best bet is to make it yourself.

Fortunately, this isn’t a very difficult project. All you need are some basic supplies, a few tools, and a desire to reclaim your territory from the rodent scourge.

Materials to Make a DIY Rodent Bait Station

- PVC piping - Saw - PVC cleanout tee - PVC cleanout plug - Four-inch screw - Bait blocks - Wood base - Half-inch screw - Drill

1. Saw PVC in Half

Use your saw to cut the PVC in the middle. There’s no need to measure precisely, though the sections should be roughly equal.

2. Insert Cleanout Tee

Insert the cleanout tee between the two sections of PVC. Your cleanout should have built-in couplings, making it easy to slide everything into place.

3. Screw Tee to Wood Base

Take your short screw and screw it through the bottom of the cleanout tee and into the wooden base.

4. Drill Pilot Hole Through Plug

You’ll eventually put your bait screw through the cleanout plug, but it can be fragile. Drilling a smaller hole first will prevent the plug from cracking and breaking as you put the screw in.

5. Insert Bait Screw Through Plug

Take your cleanout plug and drive the four-inch screw through its center, where you drilled the pilot hole. Drive the screw all the way to its cap, leaving the bottom threaded area exposed below.

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