42 DIY Survival and Bushcraft Gear Projects

(Kit You Can Make at Home]

A big part of preparedness is having the right gear to keep you alive. However, this doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on survival gear.

There are plenty of ways to make DIY survival gear from cheap or even free things you can find.

Plastic Bottle Water Filter

While certainly no substitute for a proven water purifier, this DIY water filter from a plastic bottle works in a pinch. The layers of gravel, sand, and charcoal remove sediment and impurities.

Solar Still

A solar still lets you distill water in leaves, dirt, or urine. It’s pretty simple to make.

Water Distiller

There are many ways to use plastic bottles for survival, including this DIY water distiller by desertsun02. It is straightforward to build and doesn’t rely on a stove like most homemade water distillers.

Deer Bone Fish Hook

These fish hooks by John Yost are gorgeous. They are made by carefully carving down a portion of deer jawbone. The result is a  sturdy hook that works much better than those DIY soda can tab hooks.

Wire or Nail Fishing Hook

Here’s another way to make a survival fish hook. This method uses a piece of sharpened wire. You can also use old nails to make the DIY fishing hooks.

Fish Trap

DIY fish traps are straightforward to make. The easiest method is creating a “pot trap” from two plastic bottles.

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