Women’s EDC Checklist: 17 Survival Items to Carry Everyday

Everyday Carry (EDC) isn’t just the useful stuff you carry around. EDC is a lifestyle that revolves around preparedness, self-reliance, and having the tools you need for survival.

As a female prepper, I decided it was time we discussed EDC kits from a woman’s perspective.

Hidden Cash

The best way to carry hidden money is under your shoe insert. Put the money in a plastic bag so moisture doesn’t ruin it. Then slip it under your shoe insert. You can keep it there for months or even years, and it should be fine (though maybe a bit smelly should you ever need it).

Phone Charging Kit

Getting stranded as a woman can be very dangerous, so you want to make sure your phone never dies so you can call for help.


I carry a disposable Bic lighter with me because they are cheap, refillable, and I won’t care if it’s lost/taken. If you are better at hanging on to your stuff, there are cool EDC lighters you can pack.


Don’t just choose any small folding knife for your EDC, though. You need something still sturdy enough to be used in a SHTF situation. You also don’t want to go with a cheap knife since the locking mechanism can fail, causing the blade to open and injure you.

Mini First Aid Kit

I carry some Band-Aids and a small tube of beeswax balm (which doubles as lip balm and wound cream). But I’m usually never that far from home or a hospital. When I travel or hike to remote areas, I carry a more comprehensive first aid kit!


I get by fine with a Leatherman Micra. The tool I end up using the most is the scissors. My daughter constantly asks to borrow them to make nature crafts while we are hiking.