EDC Essentials List:

The Most Important Gear For Every Day Carry

EDC is a mentality in which you always have what you need to survive – whether it be “first world” problems like a broken shoelace or an actual SHTF disaster.

I’m not going to tell you what specific EDC items you need. Instead, here are the essential EDC gear types you need for survival, regardless of how the day goes!

Essential #1 – Fire Starter

At the very minimum, keep a lighter as part of your EDC gear. But I find that smokers are really good at “borrowing” your lighter and never giving it back. Cheap lighters also fail regularly. Get a quality lighter like a zippo or a special purpose all-weather fire starter instead.

Essential #2 Cordage

When a man forgot his keys in his car, we retrieved them through the window using some cordage tied to a bent paperclip. And there were the dozens of times I’ve needed to tie something together.

Essential #3 First Aid Supplies

It is really useful for EDC to have supplies like moleskin, adhesive bandages, butterfly bandages, pain relievers, a safety pin or needle, and any meds you might need, like an EpiPen.

Essential #4 Flashlight

Aside from all those times that a flashlight helps you get your keys into the lock at night, an EDC flashlight is vital for blackouts, dark alleys, walking over bumpy terrain at night, and many other situations.

Essential #5 Knife

You might have a knife on your multi-tool, but that flimsy knife isn’t enough! A knife is one of the most essential pieces of survival gear, so your EDC knife better be sturdy and reliable.

Essential #6 Keychain Multi-Tool

There are so many multi-tools to choose from that it gets overwhelming. To narrow down the options, list all the features you must have. Then make a list of the features which you’d like to have.