How to Clean Up After a Flood

It doesn’t take much flood water to cause huge amounts of damage. Floodwater often contains sewage and other disease-causing microorganisms, so the damage can turn into a health nightmare.

The longer you wait to clean up after a flood, the worse the damage will be. Because of this, it’s incredibly important that you know how to clean up after a flood.

1. Take photos.

You will need these for insurance purposes.

2. Wear protective gear.

Remember that flood water contains many disease-causing organisms. You don’t want your skin to come in contact with these. Likewise, you don’t want to breathe in mold, building materials, or airborne contaminants.

3. Open windows and doors in the area where you are working.

If possible, leave them open when you leave.

4. Remove soaked items.

Put them in trash bags or plastic bins outside of your home.

5. Throw away items that cannot be cleaned and dried within 24-48 hours.

This includes many porous items such as carpets, pillows, mattresses, stuffed animal toys, and textiles.

6. Shovel out dirt and silt.

If possible, use a wet vacuum to remove any remaining debris.