Free Land in the US:

List of Active Programs (2023)

It’s not exaggerating to say land equals freedom. Owning land gives people autonomy and control over their own lives. When you own land, you can decide what you want to do with it – such as using it for growing your food or farming.

Here, we will go over the places still giving out free land in the USA, why they would give away land, what the catches are, and some alternative solutions for getting your piece of land.

As of 2023, there are only 5 states where you can get free rural land. Note that these programs are run by the town or county (there are no state-run free land programs). These programs could run out of free land or expire at any time.

1. Minnesota

Minnesota is one of the best states for free land. Not only are there several towns with free land programs, but these towns also offer other incentives, such as free electrical hookups and building permits.

2. Kansas

Several small towns in Kansas give away free land. As of 2023, these Kansas towns have free land available: – Lincoln – Mankato – Plainville – Osborne

3. Iowa

Several towns in Iowa have experimented with free land programs. However, most of these programs were short-lived or no longer available.

4. Nebraska

Many towns in Nebraska provide incentives for new residents, such as relocation packages or tax abatements. There have also been several free land programs in Nebraska (some of which are no longer active).

5. Colorado

The city of Flagler, Colorado, has a free land incentive. However, the program is only for businesses and not for residential use. The available land has no utilities, so any business would need to build out to connect to the utilities.