8 Home Generator Alternatives

(Ditch the Gas and Diesel power)

Many people dislike gasoline and diesel generators because they’re loud, produce an abundance of air pollution, and have a never-ending cost on fuel, which is usually in short supply when you need it most.

Whether you’re looking for something quieter or just something a little more conducive to your living circumstances, here are eight generator alternatives that don’t require gas or diesel to operate.

Solar Generators

While the initial cost for solar is much higher due to expensive but necessary solar panels, once you’ve recovered that, you have free power for the lifespan of the generator.

Inverter Generators (Portable Power Station)

An inverter generator is best for your electronic devices because it creates a more consistent power wave, minimizing the risk of power surges. 

Wind Generators

Portable wind turbines make good backup options during emergencies. These simple devices are commonly used while camping or visiting your off-grid cabin for the weekend.

Biodiesel Generators

Biodiesel generators use an electric generator combined with a diesel engine to generate electricity. As such, you can use biodiesel fuel to run your diesel generator.

Water Generators (Hydro-Generator)

For larger-scale operations capable of powering entire homes, hydro-generators are the perfect option for the off-grid homestead that has access to a naturally flowing water source.

Manual Generators

People use a variety of manual generators for emergencies, but the most common commercially available ones are hand-crank generators. These lightweight, simple-to-operate generators typically power small devices around 150 watts or less.