23 Forgotten Skills From the Past

(Old World Survival Skills Your Great Grandparents Knew)

These 23 survival skills are examples of things we all used to know and practice daily. Remember, there was a time when people were self-reliant and didn’t depend on a chain of systems to get them through.

​And also remember that, YES, it is possible to regain this self-­reliance and take control of your own survival.


In a SHFT situation where food is a commodity you can’t get at the supermarket anymore, you will wish you knew these skills to produce your own food.

Raising Animals

Raising animals won’t just teach you responsibility (one trait our great grandparents had more of than us). When responsible for animals, you learn everything about caring for a living creature.


Our great grandparents hunted by staking out animals – a skill that required them to be very familiar with animal habits and tracks. They could walk quietly and undetected through the woods and patiently wait for the right opportunity to get a shot at a large prize.

Preparing Meals from Scratch

Our great grandparents didn’t have 45 different types of frozen lasagna to choose from. They made food from scratch out of necessity, and it was nutritious and wholesome without needing any fancy ingredients.

Preserving Food

​Our grandparents and great-grandparents would take advantage of the food seasons. They’d produce a surplus and preserve it for times of scarcity.

Not Wasting Food

When you have a surplus, you put some aside for those rainy days – something we should all be doing by investing in a long-term food storage supply.