How to Make Greens Powder From Foraged Plants

A well-made greens powder delivers your daily dose of plant-based vitamins and minerals in a shelf-stable powder that lasts way longer than actual greens.

This makes it a perfect DIY project for foragers who want to stay nourished during the barren winter months when fresh plants are unavailable.

Materials for Making Foraged Greens Powder

- Plant matter - Dehydrator - Blender - Storage container

1. Harvest Plants

Once you’ve decided on your desired cocktail of plant matter, head outdoors and gather up as much as you can harvest sustainably. It may seem like more than you need, but plant shrinkage is no joke.

Once those puppies dry, they’ll only be a ghost of their former selves. Mushrooms and fruits will retain a bit of body and bulk, but leafy greens will practically disappear. And since you’re making medicine, more is better.

2. Prepare Greens

When making a greens powder, it’s unnecessary to trim the plants exactly like you would for tea or salad. There are often lots of nutrients in the stems, so you can leave them in place unless they’re foul tasting.

3. Dry Plants

Break out your dehydrator and arrange the plants a few centimeters apart on the trays. I dehydrate at 110° F for two to three hours, but it’s wise to follow the drying directions on your specific unit.

4. Check and Remove

If you’re using a dehydrator, check plants after an hour. They’ll probably take longer, but it’s important to get a handle on how they’re doing and note it for next time.

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