Homemade Cough Medicine Recipes

11 Natural DIY Solutions

While I appreciate the convenience of OTC cough medicines, there is no reason to turn to these drugs each time you get a nagging cough.

It is surprisingly easy to make an effective homemade cough medicine, and going the DIY route will spare you the harsh chemical ingredients.

Wild Lettuce

Wild lettuce has become my favorite medicinal herb. It helps suppress cough and is a potent pain reliever – hence why it is called “opium lettuce.” Don’t worry, though; it isn’t addictive!

Pine Needles

Pine needles are a very effective natural cough remedy. To make medicine from them, boil 1 cup of pine needles in 2 cups water for about 10 minutes. Then strain out the pine needles. Add honey and take a few tablespoons, as needed.

Mullein (Varbascum Thapsus)

I love this plant because it is fuzzy. You can even use it as a bandaid on minor cuts. For treating coughs naturally, it primarily works as an anti-inflammatory to calm the respiratory tract.

Coltsfoot (Tussilago farfara)

The name tussilago means “cough dispeller.” The plant’s flowers are used to make a tea, tincture, or oil infusion. It is particularly great for dry coughs and other respiratory ailments.


Usually, burdock is used to purify the blood, reduce joint pain, and fight bladder infections. However, it is also good at soothing a cough as it reduces inflammation.

Ephedra sinica

If the coughing is from asthma, then this natural remedy will work. The herb helps dilate the bronchial pathway, allowing more air to enter the lungs. It is also great at drying up mucus and decongesting.

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