How to Siphon Gas

(Plus 6 Ways to Bypass the Anti-Siphon Valve)

While I definitely don’t recommend it, knowing how to siphon gas is an important skill to know for emergencies.  You could use the siphoned gas to fuel a generator or to refuel your vehicle during evacuation.

However, it is really difficult to siphon gas from modern cars because they have anti-siphon valves and devices in them.

How to Siphon Gas

It’s not impossible though. You just need special tools, know-how and a lot of ingenuity.

1. Open the fuel door

This is the easiest part.  Even if you don’t know how to pick a lock, it’s pretty easy to open the fuel door with brute force. You can use a crowbar or the claw on the back of a hammer.

2. Use screwdriver to push aside flap over filler pipe

Almost all fuel pipes have a little metal flap over them.  The flap allows you to insert a hose in but will jam when you try to remove the siphon hose.

To bypass this, all you need is a long, skinny object like a screwdriver.  Use the screwdriver to push the flap aside and hold it open.

3. Siphon the gas

Stick the siphon hose into the tank and the other end into a fuel canister.  Remember that siphons are one-way devices so make sure you put the right side of the hose into the tank.

Squeeze the valve and it will suction the gas out of the tank and into your canister. *Don’t use the old method of siphoning gas with your mouth!  The risk of getting a mouthful of gasoline is simply too great.  A squeeze-bulb type siphon will make the job a lot easier.